Elisabeth Ashlin has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Bradley University, but she left software engineering to write and act. A member of SAG-AFTRA, she performed in several films and lots of live theater. Her most unusual role was in the Batman Thrill Spectacular where she crashed through a wall in a Batmobile several times a day.

Now a resident of Santa Clarita, California, Elisabeth spends most of her time editing, writing, running, or cooking. She’s tried and rated over 800 recipes, and she runs sixty to one hundred miles each month to offset all of that cooking.

She’s the lead editor of the annual NaNo Los Angeles Anthology, available on Amazon. The newest edition, Shadowed Doorways, is now up!

Shadowed Doorways eBook Cover 1.jpg

Elisabeth was the lead editor for 2017’s We’ve All Been There, and she has stories published in the two previous anthologies as well.