If you’re interested in my editing services, you can contact me at elisabethashlin@gmail.com. I primarily edit fiction.

I will edit up to three pages (750 words) of your work as a test run. You’ll get to see if you like my editing style, and I’ll be able to tell you what level of editing I’d suggest. If you end up hiring me, I’ll bill those words at my copy editing rate ($0.01 per word).

I offer several levels of editing:

  • Proofreading previously edited work: $0.006 per word
  • Copy editing to fix issues with grammar, punctuation, and word choice: $0.01 per word
  • Line editing to fix sentence or paragraph issues, enabling a smoother flow in your work: $0.015 per word
  • Heavier content editing to help adjust your characters or plot, with an aim toward improving your writing skills: $0.018 per word

For example, a 70,000-word novel that needs copy editing would cost $700. If you had more sentence/paragraph issues, I’d instead suggest line editing for $1050.